100% natural nutritional supplement from the Himalayas

Beyond Mind® Shilajit is a 100% natural product with no artificial additives, vegan and suitable for keto and halal diets.

Revered as a gift from nature, Shilajit is the result of decomposition of plant matter, resulting in a composition rich in concentration of minerals, vitamins, fulvic acid and many other organic bioactive compounds.


Proven action

Shilajit is one of the substances used in Ayurveda, an ancient Indian system of over 5,000 years of natural and holistic medicine that is practised today in many Asian countries. Ayurvedic medicine is built on the concept that by maintaining a balance in the three "doshas" of the body, people can live a long and healthy life without relying on modern day medicines that are harmful to the body.


Many benefits for physical and mental health

The proven benefits of its use are whole body health, increased energy and fight against fatigue, positively affecting the function of bone tissue, maintaining cognitive function and mental clarity, delaying ageing, strong immune system, prevention against various diseases, etc.

Beyond Mind® Shilajit


Discover the secrets of Beyond Mind® Shilajit and embark on the adventure called “life” healthier and more vibrant than ever.

Whether you want to improve your physical form, increase your mental clarity, or simply refresh your body and mind, Beyond Mind® Shilajit is what you need.

Why choose

Beyond Mind® Shilajit - Rock Resin?

Embrace the ancient wisdom of the Himalayas and unlock the secrets to optimal health and well-being with Shilajit - an all-natural, additive-free, vegan, and keto-friendly product with proven benefits for centuries. Reconnect with the wisdom of nature and take a holistic approach to vitality. Whether you want to improve your physical health, increase your mental sharpness, or simply rejuvenate your body and mind, Beyond Mind® Shilajit is here to help you.


When it comes to natural supplements, few can match the remarkable qualities of Shilajit. This unique substance, collected from the Himalayan Mountains at an altitude of over 5,200 metres, has been recognized for its many benefits for physical and mental health.

The Asset Nutrition team is dedicated to providing you with the highest quality Shilajit products. We work closely with trusted sources, ensuring product purity and authenticity. Our strict quality control measures ensure you get only the best!


Experience the wonders of the Himalayas - nature's gift for health, vitality and longevity! Choose Shilajit and embark on a transformative journey!

How to use


Each BEYOND MIND® SHILAJIT contains a 30g jar complete with a measuring spoon for maximum convenience in use.

Take 1 measuring spoon /equivalent to 500mg of the product/, 1 time a day by first dissolving it in a glass of warm water or milk. If you have a sensitive stomach take BEYOND MIND® SHILAJIT with food or water.

Do not exceed the recommended daily dose.

Not to be used as a substitute for a varied and rational diet.

Keep out of the reach of small children.

Do not use in case of individual intolerance to any of the ingredients, pregnancy or breastfeeding.

Consult a doctor before use if you have urolithiasis or another disease for which you are taking medication.

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Storage of


BEYOND MIND® SHILAJIT stands out for its 100% purity and authenticity, demonstrated by its distinctive consistency.


At colder room temperatures, it reaches a hard, glass-like state, and when exposed to heat it turns into a flexible, sticky substance, which is also a classic sign of its purity. For comfortable use, we recommend storing it in a warm environment.

Composition of


The natural resin is a complex mixture of organic ingredients. It consists of the following main components:

quality guarantee

Алекс Григоров
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Бях малко скептичен, но продуктът надмина очаквания ми. След прекарана тежка инфекция, боледувах изключително често. От както приемам Шилажит, закрепих имунната си система до максимум и вече съм по-здрав от скала.
Михаела Сергеевна
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След консултация с ендокринолог и хиляди изпити билки и хапчета, ефекта за регулиране на моите хормони бе нулев. Научих за Шилажит от приятелка и съм възхитена! Всичко ми е в норма + вече нямам проблеми с храносмилането. Страхотен продукт!
Владимир Илиев
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Използвал съм Шилажит в Щатите преди доста години и бях приятно изненадан да го видя с такова качество и на нашия пазар. Бях забравил какво е да се чувстваш толкова силен и енергичен.
Гинка Стратева
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От 9 години пия хапчета, чайове и отвари, за да спя поне една нощ спокойно. Дала съм хиляди левове и нерви на вятъра! Шилажит е моето най-добро откритие и моя спасител - вече спя като бебе!! Препоръчвам!!

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Shilajit - nature's gift for health and vitality


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